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A Softly – Softly Approach to Mindfulness at Work – Bernadette Lax

Mindfulness is fast becoming a ‘hot’ topic for schools in search of strategies and techniques to support staff with ever increasing expectations and a fast changing, increasingly complex world. Here Bernadette Lax, Headteacher at Herne Bay Infant School and Seashells Nursery describes their ‘softly – softly’ journey towards a more mindful school culture.


Using Singapore Maths to raise standards – Matthew Bowles

Matt Bowles, Head of Maths and Assessment at St Stephens Junior School, Canterbury describes how he led the teaching of Singapore Maths as his final assignment for the NPQSL and to embed the problem solving techniques as a school-wide improvement initiative. The impact on the school’s progress data was impressive.


In a nutshell: Adapt – Why Success Always Starts With Failure – Gary Edwards

The Guardian stated that Tim Harford was on the verge of an invitation to a fireside chat at No 10 and the Sunday Times described his book of 2011 as “utterly compelling” but if you are too busy to read this “outstanding book” splashed with “memorable nuggets” (Time Out) then read this short summary of…


Health Fanatic by John Cooper Clarke

This is a poem by the legendary John Cooper Clarke, the nation’s Punk Poet and performance artist.


Creating Freedom to Inspire Excellence – Howard Fisher

Are we developing resilience in initiative and risk taking or inhibiting aspiration and creativity through reliance?


In a nutshell: The Chimp Paradox – Gary Edwards

Too busy to read the best-selling book, The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters accredited as the mind programme that helped Sir Chris Hoy win his Olympic gold medals then read this short summary review by Gary Edwards


Switching On Reluctant Readers with Technology – David Jarvis

An NPQSL final assessment project at St Stephen’s Junior School in Canterbury reveals how the use of Kindles can be very effective in motivating underachieving disengaged readers.


The Vision Thing – Simon O’Keefe

Our vision provides the emotional connection that inspires us all and will attract staff from outside who want to buy into our vision.


A Melon Story

We are delighted to share with you a really moving, imaginative video produced by the Lebanese project at our chosen charity Young Roots.


The Leadership Challenge 2022

The Leadership Challenge 2022: New Report recommends four key strategies to address the leadership shortage.