Coaching into Appraisal

An innovative approach to developing a coaching culture through your Appraisal process

Coaching into Appraisal is an innovative, bespoke programme of consultancy support delivered in partnership with John Truman Education to enable schools, academies and colleges to develop a coaching culture across their organisation by building from the foundations of a robust, effective appraisal process and with direct link to the vision and values.

The central focus is on continually improving outcomes for children and students through a strong ‘High Expectations – High Support’ climate and the underpinning principle that Learning is at the centre of everything you do in your school, academy or college – this applies equally to staff at all levels as well as children/students.

The programme develops a clear emphasis on individual accountability, evidence of impact and an appraiser-appraisee relationship using coaching skills and strategies enabling all staff to achieve their potential so that all children/students achieve their potential.


“Coaching into Appraisal has played an integral role in the transformation of staff development … Both our Investors in People review and our recent Outstanding Ofsted inspection recognised this approach to staff development as a real strength.”

Barbara Conroy, Headteacher, Queenborough Primary School and Nursery


“Coaching into Appraisal has been hugely beneficial … it has enabled our schools to establish and maintain a robust and fit for purpose appraisal system. Secondly it has provided every member of staff with the support and tools to meet both school based and personal targets, linked with whole school improvement. Lastly and most importantly if has enabled the schools to effectively meet staff well-being needs by providing a safe, nurturing but at the same time personally challenging environment in which to grow within our profession.

I would strongly recommend this essential piece of staff development to every school which provides excellent value for money through impact.”

David Whitehead, Executive Headteacher, UNITAS Collaboration of Schools


“There is no doubt that our Coaching into Appraisal programme has played a significant part in our much improved outcomes for disadvantaged children … Appraisal has become a much more meaningful process, staff really value the coaching opportunities and they are now making their own arrangements for coaching conversations without the need for a set timetable”

Caroline Sadler, Headteacher, North Borough Junior School

Outline Programme

Following a free, no obligation initial discussion with you we will prepare a fully costed, bespoke proposal with action plan tailored to meet your organisation’s needs, vision and values.

An outline of a typical programme:

  • a dedicated training session for the SLT to prepare for their role in developing and leading a coaching culture
  • a twilight session for all staff involved: What is coaching and what does it mean for me?
  • on-site session (usually twilight) on key skills for Appraisers appraising in a coaching culture
  • two x half day training sessions in coaching skills for Coach-Appraisers
  • on-site and desk-top review and development of bespoke appraisal and pay policies with associated documents and arrangements specific to a coaching culture
  • clear advice and guidance on robust pay recommendations and decisions within a coaching ethos
  • support at the programme ‘launch’ meeting with all staff involved

The training for the Senior Leadership Team and the coaching skills sessions for Coach - Appraisers will normally take place at a local, high quality training facility.  All other sessions are usually delivered on-site.

We will also involve you in the Coaching Champions Network so that you can learn from other schools/academies who have implemented this programme successfully with access to further new products in this area as we continue to develop our programme.

This programme can be implemented within one school term or over a longer period to suit school/academy/college needs and there is the option for a follow up review/evaluation after 4 to 6 months to ensure the coaching culture is fully embedded with the opportunity for further consultancy support by agreement.

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