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“I realised that if you can change a classroom then you can change a community. Change enough communities and you can change the world”

Erin Gruwell

We are a well-established independent management consultancy providing expertise in all aspects of HR and Coaching. Whilst our specialist field is Schools and Academies we also have high level experience across the public sector including the NHS.

We always deliver quality services and advice bespoke to your organisation’s needs, vision and values. We understand that all areas of the public sector are experiencing increasing pressure to achieve higher and higher standards but with increasingly limited funding. We understand this will inevitably necessitate some difficult decisions from time to time.

We also understand that schools, academies and other public sector organisations will want to recognise, encourage and support the unique sense of commitment, professionalism and passion held by so many of their staff. The motivation and responsibility that goes with the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better can be a powerful and wonderful force.

We therefore provide highly personalised support, guidance and training that reflects the need for a high challenge – high support organisational culture whilst often working within a difficult funding framework. We also work in partnership with others who share our aims and ethos to ensure we can deliver a high quality, comprehensive range of services.

Our business focus is to enable and support excellence in the leadership, management and development of people across schools, academies and the wider public sector. We are confident that the testimonies and feedback from our clients is evidence that we achieve this aim to the highest standard.

We regularly update our website with new articles, free resources and new services so please do come back from time to time to check out what’s new.

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

Nelson Mandela

What's New for September 2018?


  1. Appraisal Audit tool – is your Appraisal process really ‘fit for purpose’?
  2. Great interview questions for schools #1: Cleaner
  3. Top tips for school leaders #1: How to … conduct Return to Work interviews [short term absence]
  4. Wellbeing and Work-life Balance: The PMB Research Report #1

Find the above resources here.

  1. Retention, Recruitment and Teacher Burnout: Steve Waters, Director, Teach Well Alliance
  2. Wellbeing and Work-life Balance: The PMB Research Report #1


Essential training for Schools and Academies

  1. Successful Appraisal For Appraisers (twilight or half-day session on school site)
  2. Safer Recruitment (Ofsted compliant – 3 hour session, time to suit, on school site)

For Coaching into Appraisal clients only

  1. The ‘Miracle’ coaching question
  2. Assessment tool for selecting Coaches for training
  3. Coaching into Appraisal: What went well? Flipchart work from the CCNF July 2018

Find CiA resource here (clients only).

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