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“He who knows others is learned,
He who knows himself is wise”

This is a famous quote from the ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu that neatly sums up the theme for our website at this time: Reflection and Review. There is an endless encyclopaedia of poetry on the theme of Spring describing the uplifting experience with the air seemingly fresher, the evenings appreciably lighter and the joy of seeing flora beginning to sprout – the brilliant film Being There with Peter Sellers as the ‘wise’ gardener, Chance, sagely advising the White House that “so long as the roots are not severed then all is well.” (See it here on YouTube)

And this is a great metaphor for organisations and individuals as well. This is a great time to stop, reflect, assess and take stock of where we have reached around the mid-point of the school year. Schools, academies and colleges will typically undertaking some kind of progress review of performance, both organisationally and also for pupils/students. Many staff also will be preparing for their mid-year appraisal review.

Part of that review will be the opportunity to assess progress towards the appraisal objectives set way back in September/October and to assist this process we have produced a simple pro forma to enable appraisees to best prepare for their mid-year review. Using Chance’s metaphor, checking “the roots are not severed” and preparing the ground for further growth towards summer. At a more strategic level, Headteachers, Principals and CEOs will be assessing in-year progress towards larger scale projects and we have provided a very easy to use but very effective action planning/review tool, Force Field Analysis with guidance on when and how to use. There are also several other new resources (all free to download) that we hope you will find useful and if you would like any of these in Word format so that you can adapt for your individual school then please send your request in an email to

We also have three new articles published. The first is an insight into how Herne Bay Infant School have started to use mindfulness in practical ways at work and then a personal reflection from a former Headteacher as part of our ‘If only I knew this then’ series – both very relevant to our current theme and finally a really interesting account from a Junior school that has used Singapore Maths in support of progress and attainment but also wider problem solving skills for pupils. There is also a new book review and we have said we want to introduce examples of art as a means to develop learning in leadership, our first example is a poem by a very popular, contemporary artist.

So, hopefully you can see that our website is starting to develop with a growing bank of relevant resources and tools developed to support leadership and management as well as information about the services available from the People Management Business and in keeping with our business value of continuous improvement we welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas for further development as well as contributions and new items to publish, so please do contact us.

Finally we are also passionate about coaching as we firmly believe this is the way forward to enable and empower people in schools, academies and colleges to grow and develop in ways that are sustainable and effective in meeting the challenges of an increasingly uncertain and fast changing world. Our Coaching into Appraisal programme is really starting to take off with over 30 schools involved.

“The best motivation comes from within”

Michael Johnson

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