Bespoke On-Site Training

Quality bespoke training delivered on your school site at dates and times to meet your needs

We design and deliver high quality training on the full range of people management and related leadership issues. These are delivered on-site or other location to fit your needs and tailored to address the issues and challenges relevant to your organisation.

Common topics include:

Successful Appraisal for Appraisers (Teachers or Support Staff)

This session will cover best practice appraisal with a clear focus on the priorities in your school improvement or business plan as well as your organisation’s vision and values.

Standards and Expectations for Teachers

A highly interactive session to develop awareness of the expectations for teachers at each stage of the pay range using your school/academy criteria and the professional standards for teachers – a strong emphasis on individual accountability and evidence of impact.

Coping with Change: Practical strategies and advice for staff at risk of change or restructure

This is typically a two hour session, usually a twilight to support staff facing the prospect of restructure and possible redundancy.

The aim is to enable staff to view the change positively and to develop their pathway to where they want to be: either in a suitable position within the new structure or with the best opportunity to find their next career move.

Learning objectives include:

  • developing a positive, forward looking attitude to change and to identify potential opportunities
  • effective job search techniques and developing a personal network strategy and
  • enhanced confidence through better job/role applications and greatly improved interview skills.

Governor Training

High quality, interactive training at times and on subjects to suit your governors. Popular topics include: Basic Personnel Issues for Governors; Developing Strategic Pay and Appraisal Policies; The Governors’ Role in Promoting Well-being at School.

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