Leadership Coaching

Individually tailored coaching support for leaders and managers

We provide high quality, effective fully qualified coaching for leaders and managers at all levels as well as team coaching for senior leadership teams

Coaching can be provided to see you through a ‘one off’, complex leadership issue or as a programme of professional development over a period of time

Coaching from the PMB is usually conducted on-site though alternatively this can be a ‘neutral’ sufficiently discreet venue or if you prefer then Gary is happy to coach on a one to one basis via Zoom or Teams.


Current and recent assignments include:

Personalised coaching for several Headteachers/Executive Heads as well as coaching/mentoring for members of an Academy Trust central office

Individual coaching on a termly basis for school leaders including Headteacher at three different Special Schools

A series of developmental team coaching for a team of middle leaders to enhance their teamwork and contribution to school improvement

One to one coaching and mentoring for five middle leaders to achieve the NPQSL qualification including the implementation of their leadership projects, all demonstrating significant, whole school impact.

A series of 1 to 1 personalised coaching meetings and telephone support for a newly appointed Headteacher to successfully implement change and a restructure.

A tailored package of coaching support for an experienced Headteacher dealing with a complex, people management issue at school.

Additionally, coaching has been successfully delivered to enable a senior leader develop a more effective, assertive leadership style.

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