Expert HR Guidance

Professional HR advice and guidance for sensible, workable solutions to resolve difficult people management issues quickly and with minimum impact on your school/academy.

Support can be purchased on a ‘one – off’ as you go basis or you can purchase a more cost – effective package of one, three or five days’ consultancy. This package will give you priority response and you can roll over unused time from one school year to another.

The type of support will be tailored to your needs and can include:

  • advice or guidance from either telephone conversation or on-site meeting
  • attending, advising and supporting you at a sensitive, difficult meeting
  • drafting important documents, correspondence or policies

Workplace Mediation

Expert mediation to provide lasting solutions to inter-personal behavioural difficulties and workplace conflict. Mediation has been proven to be an effective way to help find co-operation between colleagues who have become entrenched, bring harmony to working relationships that have broken down and avoid the escalating costs of grievance and other procedures.

A typical mediation process would involve telephone contact with the parties involved to establish the go ahead to begin the process, a day (possibly off-site) to reflect on the current situation, the impact on those involved and to explore the possibility of common ground with a view to a written agreement about how the parties will engage with each other in the future.

There is also the opportunity for a review session, whether face to face or by phone should the parties feel this would be of mutual benefit.

Change Management

Expert guidance on restructure and management of potential redundancy situations whilst maintaining standards, performance and staff morale through the process. Support can include advice on the process to follow, arrangements for consultation, models for possible structures and how to handle appeals and grievances.

Additionally we can assist with drafting important documents such as Job Descriptions and criteria for making effective, justifiable selection decisions that are consistent with school/academy needs as well as legal requirements.

We understand that sometimes schools/academies need to expedite these processes to avoid long term effects on staff and school morale and we will present you with options and the assessed risks with each option.

Team Development

Using a powerful, practical model of personality and a range of innovative activities to facilitate strong, effective team working and communication.

These events can be designed for whole school or smaller teams such as SLT or governing body and can be delivered within a twilight, half day or full day session.

Facilitating Strategic Decisions

We have experience of attending SLT and governing body / Trustee meetings to facilitate discussion and decision making on important decisions of strategic, people management issues.

Leadership Recruitment

We provide expert advice and guidance on recruitment strategies and selection techniques for all leadership and management positions.

We also have direct experience of design and delivery of full selection programmes at Headteacher and SLT level. We design the programme carefully to meet client needs including a strong link to organisational vision and values as well as key reference points such as the National Standards of Excellence for Headteachers.

Contact Details: for further details or to arrange a ‘no cost – no commitment’ meeting to discuss then please
ring Gary Edwards on 07933 220 183
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