Introduction to Coaching Skills

There is considerable research that highlights the organisational and professional benefits of coaching with evidence of a significant positive impact on school improvement, Lofthouse and Hollweck 2021 as well as staff wellbeing, Sardar and Galdalmes 2018.

We deliver training in essential coaching skills for all staff groups, not just school leaders in a way that is flexible to meet your school/academy’s arrangements. The training also places a strong focus on supporting your vision, values and ethos.

Typically a programme would look like this, though other models are possible:

Session 1: Introduction to essential coaching skills

Ideally, this is a half day, morning session running from 9.00 to 12.30

  • What coaching is and what it isn’t
  • Characteristics of successful coaching
  • Key coaching skills and strategies
  • Opportunities to practise in real coaching scenarios with learning deepened through feedback and reflection

Following this session delegates are encouraged to practise their coaching skills with each other in triads back in school prior to session 2

Session 2: Deepening your coaching skills

This session works well as a twilight session of approximately 90 minutes ideally around 3 weeks after session 1

  • Facilitated discussion to reflect and identify the key learning points from in-school practice sessions
  • Introduction to further coaching strategies and techniques
  • Further opportunities to practise using this learning
  • Discuss practical issues of arranging, starting and closing coaching conversations

Session 3: Taking your coaching to the next level

Ideally this session should be around 6 to 9 weeks after session 2 to allow time for ‘formal’ coaching conversations. Again a twilight session of 90 minutes works very well

  • Facilitated discussion to reflect and identify the key learning points – ‘what went well?’ and ‘would be even better if’
  • Using a personality model and a reflective assessment tool to enhance self-awareness as a means to enhance your coaching skills
  • Identify further development needs

During each session participants will be provided with PMB bespoke coaching resources and will be sign posted to recommended readings, videos and podcasts.

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