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review blues

How to beat Mid-Year Appraisal Apathy

With schools and academies returning for the start of term 4, many will be planning for mid-year performance reviews for their teaching and also for leadership staff.


Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott

Susan Scott describes herself as a leadership development architect and her book, Fierce Conversations has become an international best seller but is it a ‘must read’ for school leaders?

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Now is the time to rediscover the lost art of Listening

As schools and academies start to return from the Covid 19 lockdown Gary Edwards highlights the importance of equipping leaders and managers with deep listening skills and strategies to enable staff to share their personal experiences, explore their worries and process their emotions.


September Wellbeing Resources

Staff wellbeing and workload management is clearly a school leadership priority and this has been recognised with the recently published DfE tips and case studies ‘Ways to reduce your workload’ with associated slides and diagnostic tools.


Managing your Workload – Is your Working Style hindering you? – Viv Grant

Viv Grant, former Head and now Director at Integrity Coaching, identifies 5 key drivers that can lead to an overbearing workload for school leaders – and the consequent dysfunctional behaviours and impact that arise.


Why coaching benefits ‘Big Potential’

Ana Hutton is the Coaching Champion and Staff Wellbeing Lead at Grove Park Primary School and in this article she identifies the important link between coaching and achieving potential, drawing on the best-selling book, Big Potential by Shawn Achor.


In a nutshell – Alastair Campbell’s ‘Winners and How They Succeed’ 2015 – Gary Edwards

It may take an elephantine dose of healthy scepticism to banish the feeling that this essay by the political King of Spin on the topic of Winners is merely a pachyderm-sized ego promotion but there are some key learning points for school leaders in this top seller.


Putting Coaching and Mentoring into Lesson Observations – Graham Chisnall

Finding a fully effective style for feedback from lesson observation that provides a sound framework for impact on pupil progress but also individual development has, to some, seemed a ‘holy grail’ mission for the teaching profession.


It’s all in the mind… How one school put mindset research into practice – Tricia Taylor

Tricia Taylor, founder of Tailored Practice has more than 20 years’ experience of teaching and leading in schools. Here, Tricia describes the innovative approach to put mindset research into practice at Herne Bay with clear evidence of impact on attitudes and outcomes.


Lights, Camera… Action! Clare Owen

At Bishops Down Primary School and Nursery we are a mainstream community school with specialist resourced provision for children with Physical Disabilities and Complex Medical Needs and we wanted to produce a video that would promote the uniqueness of our school.